The Secret to Ridiculous Humor With YouTube Parody Star Bart Baker

YouTube Parody king Bart Baker joined "The What's Trending Podcast," to discuss his obsession with Glidr's and how his career making music video parodies took off.

"Parodies are something that aren't ever going to go away, because a lot of formats get overplayed and people get sick of it," Bart said. "Even pranks - everyone does pranks now, it's overplayed. But it's very hard to mimic what we do, because the production's insane. [...] Maker really puts a lot into it, and it shows. [...] I don't think it will ever stop, because there's always the next stupid pop song to make fun of."

The podcast was streamed live on FireTalk, with viewers sending their questions to Bart and the rest of the team via the chat room - crucial topics such as "does Bart have multiple hats and muscle shirts, or just the one" and "what is his favorite parody."

"It's always hard [to choose], but I still have to say 'What About Love' is one of my favorite parodies I've done," he said. "I think it's the stupid dancing choreography we had to get down."

His advice on how to pull off nonsensical humor? "Be very very comfortable in front of a camera, and just totally let your mind wander and say whatever comes out."

He also discussed his involvement with Fuck Cancer and his current online fundraiser on where fans can enter to win a cameo in one of his upcoming parodies while donating money to the cause. He mentioned how much the disease has impacted people in his own life including his mother who survived breast cancer when he was a child.

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