The Secret To Successful Co-Parenting Over The Holidays

"You can't focus on the date."

Divvying up the holidays after divorce can feel daunting, but Karen Cahn, a single mother and the founder & CEO of VProud.tv, has a trick to make it easier.

"You can't focus on the date," she explained on HuffPost Live. "Christmas Eve for you could be on December 19th, and that just is what it is. It could be on the 25th. It's not always on the 24th, and I think if you think of it that way, it's a lot easier for you to plan a holiday that's according to your traditions and really makes everyone happy."

Cahn also said that it's important to apply the same co-parenting principles year-round, even though it can be "harder" during the holidays.

"It's mind over matter," Cahn said. "You put aside your own anger, your own frustrations, your own issues and really just focus on the kids.

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