THE SECRET TO UNLOCKING “THE SECRET”: 3 Simple Steps On Activating Your Vision

Do you consider yourself a high-achiever? Are you always looking for ways to get more out of life? If so, chances are you’ve been in the personal growth and development space. Being in that space, it’s hard to get away from the popular book, “The Secret.” When I mention that book, chances are you will fall into either one of two camps. Camp one: that book changed your life and you love it. Camp two: you’re cynical and you’re not so sure that The Secret, or the law of attraction, actually “works.” If you’re in the cynical group you’re not alone. Even if you love the book, there are things you can do to dramatically increase your success with the concepts in the book. There is one little secret that “The Secret” leaves out--the need to “Get Serious.”

What does it mean to get serious? What can you do to show the universe you’re not just wishfully dreaming? Here are 3 steps to activate your seriousness about your vision and dramatically amplify the law of attraction in your life.

1. Commit First, Figure Out Second

Nick Unsworth is someone I saw on stage a couple years ago who ultimately became my mentor. From stage, he detailed his eleven business failures. Yes, eleven! But he always had a dream to sell a business before his 30th birthday. Where did he get such a bold idea? What made him think he could do it? After all, he was labeled as “a loser,” someone who “sucked at business.” What gives?

One day, Nick read the book, The Secret. It changed his life forever. But it wasn’t just the content that changed him. The second piece to the book is what made Nick Unsworth completely different--he GOT SERIOUS.

Nick became so serious that he did something that looked radical to many. He was so committed he was going to sell his business before his 30th birthday that he tattooed the goal on his chest!

Now, while I’m not necessarily recommending that you go out and get a tattoo this weekend, what I am saying is to use the principle Nick used to get the result you’re after--Commit First, Figure Out Second. Our default is generally to plan and get ready. We want to get all our ducks in a row, then we’ll consider moving. All too often, we end up staying on the sidelines.

But once you put skin in the game, once you have “burned the boats,” the entire feeling changes. Look at the dream you have now and find a way to COMMIT. Want to lose 20 pounds? Sign up for a marathon.

Want to get out of debt? Cut up your credit cards.

Want to create a product? Sell it first as a “pre-order.”

Get creative. When you have to find a way, that’s when you generally do. Commit first. Figure out second.

2. Keep Showing Up

In Spring 2015, I did the most radical thing of my life: I quit my day job and moved to Southern California to do door-to-door sales. It was a 100% commission-based job. I didn’t make money unless I was producing. I remember in the beginning, I just felt like a total Fish Out of Water. I wasn’t getting the “results” I wanted. It would have been super easy to quit. But, I learned many years ago that success isn’t in the result or destination; it’s in the action. It’s in the journey. It’s in the showing up.

When I remembered this, I started to make goals of things within my control. While I may not have had 100% control to make someone buy, I had total control to knock 50-75 every day. If I did that, I was successful. I just kept showing up and by focusing on “showing up” as my metric for success, my confidence grew based on the action I took, and results then came as a by-product. In less than 30 days, I had the first ever $10k month of my entire life.

Once you commit, just keep showing up.

3. Ask “What’s the next domino?”

In 2016, I had a major goal to run a 50-mile ultra marathon. As I talked about recent blogpost, I hadn’t even run a marathon before (26 miles), so this was going to be a definite stretch. Race day came, and it was time to give it a shot. While I was in the middle of the race, I almost collapsed. Over the previous several miles, at least 50 people had passed me up. I felt done. I was hurting. Evidently, I was running funny because people kept turning as they passed and asked, “are you okay?” The worst part wasn’t that I was exhausted. It wasn’t that I was in massive pain. The worst part was, I was only halfway done! It was in that moment that I knew I had to quit. There’s no way I could double the distance.

But then, something crossed my mind my running mentor told me, who had run multiple ultra-marathons before: “don’t ever let the sum of things that are not going well build up on you mentally. Manage the one problem in front of you, and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.” In other words, ask yourself what’s the next little thing you know you can do? What’s the next domino?

It was in that moment I asked: Am I completely done? True, I wasn’t certain I could run the full 50. But, could I go another, let’s say, 5 feet? Of course! So I did just that. Then I ran to a tree in front of me. Then I realized I could go to another checkpoint. I just kept asking myself, “What’s the next domino?” What’s that one small thing right in front of me. After doing this, so much momentum built up and I began to experience something I would have never predicted! I ended up getting a fresh set of legs! I ran farther and faster than ever before. I then started passing up many of the people that passed me up several hours prior. And ultimately, I crossed that finish line.

Don’t get overwhelmed with everything you might need to do. Instead just ask, “what’s the next domino?”

Success doesn’t have to be this elusive thing that’s reserved for special people. In fact, it’s available to every single one of us. The Secret explains how the law of attraction is always working. It’s in our power to use it for our good. All the people we look to as extraordinary are actually just ordinary people that do extra of the ordinary. They don’t just visualize; they get serious. So, now that you know the secret to unlocking “The Secret,” what will you go after?


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