The Secret Way To Clean A Waffle Iron

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You just hosted a successful Sunday brunch. A few mimosas later and it’s time for cleanup, including that pesky waffle iron with all those caked-on bits. Here’s a trick to make this chore a lot less painful. Waffles again next weekend, anyone?

What you need: A damp paper towel and a waffle maker

What you do: When you’re done making waffles, turn off the iron, unplug and let the appliance cool slightly. Then press the paper towel between the grates and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe any bits and bobs away, let the maker dry completely and store as usual.

Why you do it: The steam will help loosen all the caked-on batter, making it easy to wipe off all the gunk―no scrubbing or scraping necessary.


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