A Salesman's Secret Weapon

As a wise man once said, "If you are bored, the only fault is your own."

That wise man was one of my professors in college. He was an amazing professor. He taught us all invaluable information; things I still use every day. Yet there was one thing that triumphs them all, and that was to love what you do and remind yourself why you love what you do every day.

Driving sales is virtually on every businesses list of goals for 2014. A major key to success when trying to drive sales is to remind your employees what they are selling, who they are selling for, and most importantly, why they are selling.


Building company pride is something that every company/manager should focus on every day of the year. If you have a hobby, it is always accompanied by effort. Sacrificing time, energy and hard work to do something you love. Although it may not have the same meaning as work, the costs of having a hobby may seem equal to that of your job. Just like a hobby, building a passion for you work can not only give a boost to employee work-ethic, but remind them why it's important to them, not just why it's important for the company.

Companies that focus too much on incentives can sometimes forget other important values to building sales volume (and vise-versa). Employees can begin to focus on performance and forget about pride. Forward looking companies take into consideration values like keeping employees involved in:

• Meetings
• Corporate news
• Service/product updates or enhancements
• Positive results
• Future outlooks
• Commendations to great achievements

These things remind employees why they work hard every day. So remind your employees why they strive to make that extra sale, and continue to build passion and company pride, because if you are not sure why you like your company how can you sell its products or services?

Also, as an employee, try not to forget why you took the job with the company in the first place. Don't lose sight of where your passions are and strive to utilize them in you work. You can achieve great things when you realize you can love what you do.