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The Secrets of the Dollar Beard Club's Video Empire

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Dr. Chris (not a real doctor) who is better known as Chris Stoikos the founder of Dollar Beard Club is currently on a mission to diagnose beard wearing wannabe's with a condition known as Acute Scruffatosis. This condition pretty much means your beard is not attractive, at all.

Stoikos who has built a multi-million dollar business since the release of their hit viral video, has a strong track record of viral video success with multiple companies. But more importantly than making money, Stoikos and the team are creating true value to their brotherhood of bearded men.

Stoikos and the gang at Dollar Beard Club are masters at creating engaging and funny viral videos, like this one, which is a Huffington Post exclusive release.

You are only as good as your team.

While Stoikos is the face behind the brand, Alex Brown his Co-Founder and the rest of the crew are equally as important to the success of Dollar Beard Club.

Brown says, "I truly believe we have the best team in the world. The men and women (yes, that's right, women) at our office never cease to amaze me. It is impossible to grow as fast as we have without having such incredible people all working towards the same vision."

Above all else, the content has to be amazing. Stoikos is a master of crafting viral content. He teaches these techniques at Unconscious Content and plans to release many more viral videos in the coming months leading up to Christmas.