What Your Selfie Reveals About Your Inner Self

What Your Selfie Reveals About Your Inner Self
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Okay, I admit it. I've posted a few. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram and Snapchat.

They can be fun, funny, sexy, beautiful, expressive, revealing and even daunting!

In this picture posting world, where exactly does the "selfie" fit? What is the real purpose of that selfie you just posted?

Why are you looking to expose (not meant derogatorily) yourself? Do you want freedom because there is rarely no real P2P contact in the virtual world? Do the "LIKES" and hoped for positive comments actually build your self esteem?

Selfies can run the gamut of purpose from truly revealing your authentic self to your cyber friends/followers and general public to the search for attention, validation and empowerment from others.

And at what point of your "selfie" life are you physically revealing too much? -- oh yeah -- these span the spectrum from purely being sensual and having fun to intentional full nude poses. No judgement here... only some serious lessons to be learned.

And so... what's really the point? What is really the psychology behind the selfie? What can your friends/followers tell about your character, personality and self esteem from your selfie? Exactly WHAT messages are you sending to your friends and audience from the selfies you post?

Here are a few powerful wisps of wisdom:

The beauty of posting viral images of yourself allows you great freedom to show the many dimensions of your personality, your character, your essence. It provides a showcase to reveal the many "sides" of you... your multi dimensions. Long ago, this was taboo, especially for women. Today, its commonplace.

What's your MO in creating the selfie? Purely having fun? Attracting attention? Pretending you are someone you are really not? Imagining you are more like your selfie than you actually are in day to day life? (aka selfie undercover)

The images you post CAN and WILL define you. Let me repeat this: The images you post CAN and WILL define you, fortunately or unfortunately, whether you like it or not. People will form perceptions and opinions (rightly or wrongly) about you, who you are, and what you're up to solely based upon the images you post. Maybe this doesn't really matter to you, but understand, it IS a reality.

Skin is not a sin, but it could shift perceptions of how you are viewed in the online world. Be cognizant of how much of your body you choose to reveal. Do you need to show skin to fit in? And that pose? Is it suggestive? Is it crossing a fine line between "I think I'm someone special" and "I desire shock value"? Remember, "A picture is worth a thousand words," and if you are not verbally choosing those words, someone else will choose them for you based upon the images you post.

Are your selfies really a cry out for wanting to feel empowered, in control? Are you looking for LIKES or positive comments just to soothe your soul? Or are you really just illuminating your "multi dimensions"? Are you purely looking to connect with others through the imagery of photos? All of these are great questions to ask yourself in your heart-to-heart selfie chat.

No one but YOU can know and understand your selfie self better than YOU! Be insightfully aware of the selfie images you post of yourself..they live forever in the virtual world. Allow your spirit to be free to show your real "selfie" but understand that your selfie today may NOT be the same selfie you would reveal to the world three, five or ten years from now. People grow and change. People mature. Make smart choices for your safety, your integrity and the honor of yourself. You matter!