The Shocking Saga of an Imprisoned Idea

This story is taken from my upcoming book of surreal anecdotes and very short fairy tales for adults called The Mundane Uses of Magical Objects

An idea was born in the head of a man but couldn't get out in time as that one day in his life he just had too many ideas. And so it ended up stuck there in his brain, unable to leave, sort of depressed. After the moping turned to acceptance, it ended up making for itself a home in the man's head, a fairly comfy place with all those soft membranes good for couches.

It was a decent life, as the idea pulled down the man's hair under the scalp and made for itself a hairy sky. It spent time swimming in the seas of his saliva and played badminton with other neurons, regretfully all on the way out. But it was used to staying behind, in part because it took its frustration out on the man himself, making him feel unfulfilled.

At some point, the idea did find a way out of the head by travelling thru the man's ear canal. It jumped out through the opening, but fell straight down into the ear of a dog which was at that moment humping its master's foot. Now the idea had even less freedom in the small brain of the man's best friend. But it soon met there another idea which suffered a similar fate years ago. The ideas became good friends and even lovers, as often happens in situations of imprisonment where you don't choose your mates and desire overrules all social conventions. And so the ideas lived there in the dog's head till the end of its days, coping together, although never able to express their true essences.

The ideas were:

One: "What if I bring her flowers today?"

Two: "If only he brought me flowers today, I would be his forever!"