The Show Must Go On

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I wrote this watching the Tony Awards. It was a joyful night of celebrating amazing live theater. Sadly, a real-life tragedy played out in Orlando, Florida, less than 24 hours earlier, marking another black spot in America's history.

We ask, "Why does this happen?" But there is no suitable answer. We ask, "How can we continue to let this happen?" But there is no suitable answer. We ask, "When is it going to stop?" But there is no suitable answer.

What we do know is the show must go on. Bad things happen. But we must not let them stop us. Evil triumphs when someone gives up. Whether it's a tragedy like the shootings in Orlando this past weekend (and too many shootings before that), or it could be the diagnosis of a life threatening illness, or something else that alters a day and a life.

You honor the dead by embracing life with more appreciation. You don't erect walls to shut people out; you build better bridges to bring people together. You don't close your mind; you open your heart. You stop wallowing in why did this happen? and start focusing on how to make things happen for the better.

The people who died at Pulse nightclub and the young singer, Christina Grimmie, also shot down in Orlando the same weekend while signing autographs after a concert were doing what they loved. They were enjoying the moment.

It's moments like these that your heart jumps a few beats and you may pause and wonder, "What the hell?" What we can learn from this is that every moment needs to be cherished and life should be enjoyed to the fullest. We cannot change what happened or bring back those whose lives were lost. But we can focus on the now and the tomorrow.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. Reality has no replay button. But you can choose to rewrite your next act. The show must go on.