The Show Wall Street Doesn't Want You to See

I am no fan of much of the financial media. With some notable exceptions, it contributes to fear and anxiety, encourages trading and generally acts as a shill for the securities industry -- their primary sponsor.

The daily grist of these shows consists of commentary by smug, highly confident, financial journalists and their guests, who manage money. They regale us with their views, not just on what is happening in the market, but what is likely to happen. The stock picks of the fund managers have the same possibility of being correct as calling a coin flip. Their real agenda is to convince you to invest your money with them.

If the premise of these shows is to get you to trade, by "fleeing to safety" in volatile markets," and trying to figure out when to return to stocks to capture the next bull market, it is working well for them, but not for you. According to Forbes magazine, a majority of investors "consistently buy high and sell low" -- the exact opposite of profitable investing. While you end up holding the bag, Wall Street continues to profit.

You can patiently search the networks and hundreds of cable channels in vain for a responsible financial talk show that is premised on solid, peer-reviewed, academically based, information, geared to assist you in reaping market returns that are yours for the asking.

The information withheld from you is vast. It is set forth in my books, and in books authored by Burton Malkiel, William Bernstein, John Bogle, David Swensen, Jason Zweig, Mark Hebner and many others. Trillions of dollars of really smart money is invested based on the research set forth in these books. If you are like the majority of individual investors, you are clueless. You continue to try to time the market, pick individual stocks or hot fund managers, or purchase variable annuities because you are told they are the "best of both worlds" (protection of capital and participation in upside market potential.).

One reader asked this question: "Why don't you do something about it, instead of just complaining." A very valid point.

I put together what is known in the trade as a "sizzle reel," intended to highlight how a responsible financial show would look. The barriers to getting it on a network, a major cable channel, or on the Internet on a highly trafficked financial web site, are formidable. These sites are largely supported by the securities industry, which has a vested interest in keeping this information from you. Yet, there are some bright spots. Intelligent, index-based, investing is growing at a rapid pace. Major fund families like Vanguard, State Street Global, BlackRock and Dimensional Fund Advisors have trillions of dollars invested consistent with the message in this proposed show.

The sizzle reel is embedded below. Take a look and see what has the "masters of the universe" privately cowering in fear. They have used the power of their huge advertising budgets to be sure this show doesn't make it into your home.

They should be scared. This is the show Wall Street doesn't want you to see:

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