The "Side-Hustle" Generation

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A "side-hustle" is an additional form of revenue that supplements a current revenue stream, provides an inspiring outlet for individuals to help fund their personal goals, or helps to bring people closer to their dream job.

Do you have a “side-hustle” or know somebody who does? The chances are you do!

Side-hustles are nothing new but have been growing in popularity since the recession of 2008. Insecurity in business has employees looking for more monetary security with a second source of income.

(Side note: Some side-hustles are optional or serve as a creative outlet and not entirely for monetary security alone.)

Declines and transitions of traditional job roles and an increasingly competitive landscape for employers and employees alike create an interesting dynamic of talent rotation, diversified audiences to target and technological advances.

Typical side-hustles revolve around the interests of the individual hustler, providing outlets of creativity. Additional benefits include gaining inspiration similar to playing an instrument or reading a book.

Websites such as Etsy, Craigslist and Ebay have encouraged and made it easy for individuals to bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life online. While companies such as Airbnb, Uber and Lyft have dramatically heightened the side-hustle opportunity game.

One Seattle Marketer says, “Airbnb is the best side-hustle because it pays for all of my adventures, excursions, and even offsets the cost of rent. Sometimes I list my apartment as available, and when it books, I take a vacation.”

Sometimes a side-hustle may even turn in to your main hustle like it did for Angie Garner:

What is your side-hustle?

I coach, train and mentor people across the nation on their health and income goals by partnering with a direct-sales company called AdvoCare. In addition to working very closely alongside my team and clients, I also write and podcast at to inspire and reach more people with my message.

Why do you side-hustle?

I’ve been side hustling since the day I walked across the stage at college graduation. With the resources we have in America paired with grit and intention, I knew I had every ability to create the life of my dreams by leveraging my time with a side business and building multiple income streams. I also happened to graduate right when the economy took a turn for the worst, and stuck with my instinct that going down the path of a “real job” would be even riskier than employing myself.

Within four years my side-hustle became my main hustle but it still only requires part-time hours to grow. My husband and I just wrapped up an 8-month trip around the world across 16 countries and I continued to earn an income much higher than many people I know stuck behind a desk working 40-60 hour weeks.

Would you still side-hustle if you were able to earn the same income in your current position?

Having multiple income streams is always a smarter way to go. It’s wise to have a plan B. And really, there’s always room to give, save, or invest more money. Or for many people- pay off debt faster.

I’ve never had a traditional career because I knew my life would be at the mercy of vacation days, bosses, and pay scales. I ran a full-time, personal training business while building my side hustle in my off-hours until I was debt-free and my side hustle was consistently bringing in double what I earned as a personal trainer. Then I transitioned out of personal training and now my side hustle is my main hustle, with lots of hours left to spare for my marriage, travel, and working on projects that bring me joy…no turning back now!

Side-hustle lowlights occur too. One Seattle-based hustler shares, “Even with side-hustles you love, sometimes it is work and it is not always fun and games. Also, when you’re committed to them, they do eat up your free time and that takes away from being able to do other things you love.”

On the upside another hustler highlights include, “The boost in income. The resume building. The fact that I feel somewhat like Hermione Granger with her time-warp machine and can be in multiple places at one time.”

Do you “side-hustle”? Or would like to read more on how to do it. Former University of Washington Alum, Nick Loper, shares his insight on the matter in his 4-book series, ‘The Side Hustle Path’.

Share below what inspires your hustlin’ mojo.

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