The Sight Of A Woman With A Weapon Makes ISIS Flee In Panic

Islamists teaches that if a woman kills a jihadist then he will go straight to hell. Therefore, the sight of a woman with a weapon makes them flee in panic.

Assyrian/Syriac fighters training to fight terrorists
Assyrian/Syriac fighters training to fight terrorists

Yesterday, on June 6, the last battle over Raqqa, Syria began. Raqqa is the infamous city that the murdercult ISIS has claimed their capital. SDF, the coalition of Arabic, Kurdish, and Assyrians/Syriacs is close to the city. A press release earlier today by Assyrian/Syriac forces of the Syriac Military Council (MFS) and Bethnahrin Women Protection Forces (HSNB) stated that the two groups are proud to be part of the war against ISIS and other terrorist groups like al-Nusra. Many of the Assyrian/Syriac fighters have been martyred in the struggle against terrorism. Today their forces write that they will stand side-by-side with their Arab and Kurdish comrades in the last struggle over Raqqa, no matter what the price will be.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to Bushra, an HSNB fighter. She was born and raised in a European country and has chosen to travel to Syria to fight terrorists. She said,

This is a fight for all women in the world. ISIS is the worst oppressor in modern time, if I will be able to help release some of the women they are holding hostage and selling as sex slaves, it’s enough for me. I am ready to die for that. It’s also a struggle for the survival of my people, the Assyrians/Chaldeans/Syriacs and for all other Christians in Middle East. I am ready to die for that, too. And I am happy to seek revenge for my friends who were martyred fighting terrorism.

On her way to Raqqa she wrote Hirutho, Haylo, Huyodo, Hubo which  means Freedom, Strength, Unity and Love
On her way to Raqqa she wrote Hirutho, Haylo, Huyodo, Hubo which means Freedom, Strength, Unity and Love

Bushra and the other fighters are located just outside of Raqqa. They are unhappy about the fact that their efforts and advances in Raqqa are not being reported in mainstream media. After sending Bushra her quotes, so that she can read and approve them, she responds with a text message:

This is also revenge for all those that have been victims of ISIS terror, no matter in where in the world. We are fighting for civilization, as we know it today, to fight the cult that is threatening human kind. Women are those that are most affected by their terror. We are ready to give our lives to show them that we cannot accept that kind of persecution. Most people in Syria and Iraq want to live in peace, as neighbors no matter ethnicity and religion. We will together fight for democracy and for future generations, for my people and their neighbors.

*Tabeetha Adde contributed to this report