The Significance of Liberty

The Significance of Liberty
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As you know, here in the United States we are getting ready to celebrate Independence Day. It was the day that we officially became a nation and it was a huge day in American history. Most families will host barbecues tomorrow and end the evening with spectacular fireworks shows. While all the festivities are great, the thing that has stood out to me the most about Independence Day is the aspect of freedom. If you are not careful it can become easy to take living in America for granted. We enjoy so many liberties and we are often blind to the realities of others around the world. Freedom is a precious gift and we must continually fight to protect the liberties that make America a great nation. More importantly, freedom is a basic human right. I’ve discovered over the years that freedom always comes at a price. However, it is always worth the battle. Freedom is more special than we realize. Let me share with you a few insights on the significance of liberty.

  • Know that you have a right to freedom. I talk to people all the time that look fine on the outside. However, I know that they are not truly free. We spend a lot of time adorning the outward man but we neglect the inner man. You can have the appearance of liberty but not be experiencing liberty in your life. I have come to the conclusion that many minds are closed to the idea of freedom. Lots of people talk about living a life of freedom and wholeness. On the other hand, they refuse to let go of the very things that keep them bound. You will never access freedom without first being aware that you have a right to freedom. Rights without recognition will never produce results in your life. You have to know that you have a fundamental right to freedom. In addition, you have the right to challenge anything that attempts to suppress that right in your life. Freedom has nothing to do with where you live. Freedom has everything to do with how you choose to live your life. Freedom is not geographical. Freedom is psychological and unhealthy souls cannot perceive it.
  • You have to choose freedom. We have established that you must know that you have a right to freedom. Sadly, the world is filled with people that know that they have a right to freedom but they are not free. Over the years, I have made the discovery that you have to choose freedom. It’s a choice that you will have to make over and over again in your life. We live in a world that will attempt to control and confine you. However, you must make the decision that you are not going to live in the box that culture would attempt to confine you to. It is important for you to understand that you were not created to live within limitations. Limitations are an enemy to liberty. When you choose freedom, you are ultimately choosing to break barriers and cross boundaries. You will be criticized for choosing freedom. More importantly, choosing freedom will empower you to create the future you’ve been dreaming of. One of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself is the gift of freedom. When you choose freedom you choose to live your greatest life.
  • Be willing to fight for freedom. Realize that just because you choose freedom does not mean that you will not have to contend for freedom. Too many people think that advancement is automatic. When you make a decision to advance you invite adversity into your world. The world around you will violently oppose your decision to be free. Limited perspectives and small minds cannot conceive freedom. Therefore, understand that the choice to live outside of the box will invite battles into your life. You must also understand that you will forfeit everything you are unwilling to fight for. Rights have to be protected. You cannot protect what you refuse to prevail for. We love the idea of freedom. Unfortunately, most people are not willing to make the investment in freedom. The price of freedom is always war. Know that you will always encounter threats to freedom. When liberty is protected lives are preserved.
  • Freedom produces a life of fulfillment. Personally, I did not know what fulfillment was until I fought for freedom in my life. For a long time I was bound and living a defeated life. I was a prisoner to the conditions in my life. During that time, I had no clue that my psychological construct was the thing that had made me a prisoner to my circumstances. Also, I did not know that the conditions of my life were being created through my own limitations. I made the decision to break free from limitations and to develop a liberated mind. You will never experience freedom in your life until you first get free in your mind. When you get the victory in your thinking you get the victory in every area of your life. Fulfillment comes from knowing your power. Power is always born out of freedom.
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