The Significant of 3

There is a saying that big things come in small packages. This couldn't be more true than when you take a look at some little 3 letter words that hold significant meaning. There always seems to be three important characters in movies (usually a hero, a sidekick or companion and a villain) and 3 characters in fairytales. In my family, there are 3 sisters total and I know that some of you probably are one of three siblings also.

The first 3 letter word is AIR. Something we can't see, but we can't live without. We all need oxygen to breathe and air is essential for our survival. It surrounds the earth, giving each of us this necessity to live.

The next significant 3 letter word is AND. Such a small word, but it is used too many times to count. We all need this connection word when we speak or write sentences. I can't even think of a replacement for the word 'and'. It stands alone as a word used to add another comment to a sentence. Without the word 'and', our sentences would be cut short.

The 3 letter word SUN is very powerful, and like air, it is a necessity for survival. Every morning we wake up to its rays and it's the reason we are able to live and survive. The world would be a very cold, dark, unlivable place without the sun.

The number ONE is a significant 3 letter word. It implies the first, the best or to be on top of you game or field of study. We all strive to come in first place and be the best. One is also the first cardinal number you can count. It can be used to describe a feeling toward a person, such as "you're my one and only."

Another important 3 letter word is ALL. This word can be described as being one's everything. Their every possession, every situation and everything. Being's ones all is very significant and represents the whole encapsulating someone.

The word EYE is important because it is something we use everyday. Alot of times people take for granted their vision. It is one of our powerful senses that we use to observe the world around us on a daily basis.

AGE is an important 3 letter word. On everything from applications to your license, asking for your date of birth is synonymous with asking for your age. This number is essential and travels with you throughout your entire life. As we age, we gain wisdom. And wisdom cannot be learned, but experienced as we get older.

The most powerful 3 letter word of them all is the creator of everything, GOD.
Like AIR, you cannot see Him, but you can feel Him and know that He is there.
Like AND, He is the Alpha and the Omega.
Like SUN, He is blindingly bright and powerful and allows us to live.
Like ONE, He is the first and only.
Like ALL, He is everything and everywhere, always present.
Like EYE, He is the all-seeing God.
Like AGE, He is the Alpha and Omega and is ageless.

Good things do seem to come in 3's, and so does God, in the form of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

The next time you say that something is too small to be significant, think of the power of three and how big things do come in small packages. Never underestimate the little things because they may just turn into something great.