The Silent Majority Speaks Up

The Silent Majority Speaks Up
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And it is bad news for Mrs. Clinton.

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Back in 1969, Richard Nixon coined the expression "Silent Majority" to refer to the majority of Americans who didn't voice their opinion like the agitators of the day, and quietly voted Nixon into office. Last year, Donald Trump also recognized the power of the Silent Majority and noted its return. I have also found evidence the Majority is alive and well, and certainly not satisfied with the direction of the country. To illustrate:

I recently attended a GOP campaign meeting at a local restaurant. While there, I was given two Trump campaign lawn signs. As I went up to the cashier to pay my bill, I happened to stand in line with a middle aged woman and her daughter in front of me. The woman glanced down to see my signs and asked where I got them from. After I explained, she asked if she could have one. I said "certainly" and gave her one. She then confided in me in a soft voice, "I work over at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. All of us over there are cognizant of what happens if we violate the policy on the unauthorized distribution of classified material, even in the slightest way, they'll throw the book at us. But when it comes to Her Highness, Mrs. Clinton, they let her get away with murder."

In another instance, I happened to speak to our insurance agent regarding our auto policy. In the course of the conversation I asked if she was watching the presidential race, to which she replied, "Not really." However, she recently saw the movie "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" which described the attack on the American compound in Libya and the death of four Americans, including the ambassador. She then remembered Mrs. Clinton's comment, " this point, what difference does it make?" To my insurance agent, it made a big difference and became the reason for her to select Donald Trump.

A waitress at a local restaurant was asked about her political inclinations. She too did not have time to follow the presidential contest, and relied on the spin of the press. When she discovered both the press and Mrs. Clinton were spreading falsehoods, she too was lining up behind Mr. Trump.

The hostess of the restaurant said she was voting Trump when she discovered Syrian refugees were being relocated to nearby Clearwater Beach.

I have also met many women who would like to have a woman elected president, but not Mrs. Clinton as they find her temperamental and not trustworthy.

Earlier this year, I assisted people in registering to vote at a local art fair. At this time, there were several people who switched party affiliation, going from Democrat to Republican, primarily because they had enough of the Obama administration and feared the possible continuation through Mrs. Clinton. On more than one occasion, I heard people say, "Enough is enough."

Like Rasmussen, the Silent Majority knows the country is heading in the wrong direction. However, they have been reserved in their criticisms as they have better things to do. They do not like to complain or cause a scene, nor do they want to be attacked as being politically incorrect, which explains why they are so quiet. Make no mistake though, the Silent Majority is "Mad as Hell, and not going to take it anymore."

All have different reasons for rejecting Mrs. Clinton, including her trustworthiness, her appearance as royalty sitting above the law, or they have simply had enough of Democratic rule. Frankly, the Silent Majority scares both the Democrats and pollsters as they have no way of knowing what they are thinking.

In all likelihood, this presidential election will not be as close as the press makes it out to be. The Main Street Media may think they control the conscious of the voters, but it is the Silent Majority that will have the last word.

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