'The Simpsons' Meets 'Breaking Bad' With Couch Opening Gag (VIDEO)

'The Simpsons' Meets 'Breaking Bad'

"The Simpsons" is paying tribute to "Breaking Bad" with a new couch opening sequence.

The tribute to AMC's drama "Breaking Bad" features Marge Simpson baking blue cupcakes and ends with "Breaking Bad" stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston watching "The Simpsons" from the comfort of their couch.

Once again, Homer must save his marriage when Marge gets fed up with his behavior. Meanwhile, after watching "A Streetcar Named Desire," Milhouse takes on a Marlon Brando-inspired bad-boy persona to attract Lisa in the all-new episode

The opening sequence will air at the start of "The Simpsons" on Sunday, April 14 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. In the episode, titled "What Animated Women Want," -- which features the voices of Wanda Sykes and George Takei -- Homer's behavior leads to marriage troubles with Marge and "A Streetcar Named Desire" inspires Milhouse to adopt a bad boy persona to attract Lisa.

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