'The Simpsons' Finale: Lady Gaga Tries To Cheer Up Springfield; Lisa Makes Her Cry (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga wants nothing more than for all her little monsters to be happy all the time, and she apparently has a psychic sense when someone is happy. It was that sense that convinced her to pull her Gaga Train into Springfield to try and cheer up one unhappy citizen on "The Simpsons" (Sun., 8 p.m. ET on Fox) season finale.

After winning an award as the least popular kid at school, Lisa Simpsons faked a message board posting about herself to try and convince the other kids she wasn't as bad as they all thought. But when she got caught, her situation only went from bad to worse, and she was inconsolable.

Finally, in a fit of rage over Gaga's relentless pursuit of happiness and joy -- so much so that she followed Lisa home in an attempt to cheer her up -- Lisa lashed out at the pop star with scathing remarks that reduced Gaga to tears. She even stopped wearing the myriad outlandish costumes that carried her through the episode.

Gaga nearly left defeated, but apparently misdirected anger was just what Lisa needed to find clarity. So she found her happiness and sense of worth enough to join Gaga in a musical number about it.

"The Simpsons" returns for Season 24 in Fall 2012 on Fox.

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