The Longest-Ever 'Simpsons' Marathon Is Coming To FXX, Again


Praise Jebus!

If you missed the last continuous “Simpsons” marathon on FXX, don’t worry. This one is going to be even bigger.

FXX is planning another “Simpsons” marathon two years after the 12-day event it held in 2014. Billed as the longest-running in TV history, the new marathon will consist of 600 episodes over 13 days beginning at noon on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24, and running through Tuesday, Dec. 6.

The previous “Simpsons” event wasn’t without some controversy. Rather than airing episodes in their original standard-definition 4:3 aspect ratio, FXX cropped the episodes for HD television, showing them in 16:9. Some people weren’t thrilled with the noticeable difference from the original episodes. The Verge even made a visual example of what fans were missing:

Still, this is a 13-day “Simpsons” marathon we’re talking about. Whether the episodes are slightly cropped or not, if you miss it, you’ll probably be saying, “D’oh!”



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