'The Simpsons' Predicted Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Halftime Show

Sort of!

“The Simpsons” needs to stop predicting the future because it’s freaking us out.

It seems the long-running cartoon once again gazed into its crystal ball to foretell Lady Gaga’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl. Sort of!

Twitter users pointed out the resemblance between Gaga’s harnessed descent from the top of Houston’s NRG Stadium Sunday night to a 2012 “Simpsons” episode in which an animated Gaga flew over concertgoers while tethered to a helicopter.

Even the outfits have that same funky vibe ― with the fire-shooting bra cones as one notable distinction.

One user suggested that this might have been a case of life simply imitating art.

And there were those who were jokingly not impressed.

Tough crowd. But any show that could predict Donald Trump’s presidency more than 16 years before the fact has our grudging respect.

You can check out the Gaga similarities further right here:

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2017

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