The Situation Kicked Out Of Apple Store For Line Cutting

If you think that whatever The Situation wants, The Situation gets, think again. According to Gizmodo, Mike Sorrentino thinks he's far too important to wait in line -- especially when he's trying to get his hands on the new iPhone 4S.

Sorrentino reportedly attempted to cut the line at an Apple store before he was caught ihanded by a store employee who proceeded to kick the "Jersey Shore" guido out of the store. Sorrentino's latest indiscretion has us wondering just what had him so desperate to get his hands on the new gadget. Check out this list of apps that The Situation might be jonesing to download:

1. The Grenade Detector
Scans potential bed mates and places them on Grenade scale
2. Words With Guidos
Translates English to Bro-lish
3. LayPal
A social networking site that allows users to rate sexual partners
4. Beat Up The Beat
Analyzes songs for fist pumping potential
5. iClub
Finds the nearest club -- within stumbling distance, of course
6. iGTL
Finds the nearest gym, tanning and laundry facility
7. Beauty Bros
Turns phone into mirror that compliments said Guido when prompted
8. Angry Roids
A slideshow of baby birds that helps to subdue roid rage
9. Blast In A Glass
Cocktail Recipes (mixers optional)
10. WebMC
Analyzes hangover symptoms to determine body's alcohol level
Bonus. Instafan
Convinces haters to get to know a guido before judging