The Situation Leaving 'Jersey Shore' In One Year?

MTV has a situation on its hands: it's soon no longer going to have The Situation in its hands.

The breakout star of the network's 'Jersey Shore' has bigger plans for his abs, telling E! Online that he plans on leaving the show in the near future.

"There's only so long you can rule the reality world," he said. "Maybe another year or so of reality, and then I'm gonna graduate to movies."

With his trademark modesty, The Situation -- real name Mike Sorrentino -- compared himself to another Mike, a basketball player who dominated his field with talent, grit and hard work in much the same way that The Situation's preternatural abilities have helped him become a giant in his:

"It's like Michael Jordan. There's only so long you can keep winning them rings," he said.

Sorrentino has already branched out to extend his dominance to other fields, penning a self-help book, starring in his own workout DVD, and bringing his considerable rhythm and nimbleness to 'Dancing With The Stars.'

While cast mate Pauly D was given his own spinoff show, as were Snooki and JWOWW, it seems that the fourth season in Italy may be The Situation's last Jersey Shore situation.