'The Situation' Picks Up Jesse Eisenberg in Italian (WATCH)

We all know that Italian is the language of love so it makes sense that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino would be that much more potent abroad.

Sorrentino flexed his linguistic muscles while on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' saying he can now pick up a girl in Italian. And, like any good foreign language teacher, Leno dreamed up a role playing scenario that included the doe-eyed Jesse Eisenberg.

"Let's suppose Jesse is an attractive Italian woman," the host began. The 'Jersey Shore' star tried to woo Eisenberg with his new found tongue (which sounded more like a 1940s gangster impression).

Sorrentino, staring deeply into the eyes of Eisenberg said, "I would have to say, 'Ciao, signorina' -- that means 'hello, miss,' in Italian," Sorrentino explained.

The reality star's Italian pick ups are pretty similar to his stateside tactics--it ends with 'let's go to the house.'