The Situation Bombs At The Roast Of Donald Trump On Comedy Central (VIDEO)

"Maybe comedy ain't my game right now." Truer words were never spoken, neither by man nor meathead.

The question was not whether Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino would be funny on the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump. (You had one of the most laughable personalities in the history of television on stage next to real comedians...whatever happened, it would be funny.) The question is whether or not The Sitch (let's face it, the man is in dire need of a diminutive) knew why people were laughing at him or not.

In case you missed it, let us sum it up this way: The Situation bombed so hard at The Roast of Donald Trump, he was nearly booed off stage until Jeffrey Ross came to his rescue (presumably for the sake of the show, not the "Jersey Shore" star's dignity...which like the Easter Bunny, doesn't exist).

What stands out most about The Situation's performance is simply the lack of perspective. He seems to be laboring under the notion that whatever he wants to do, he can. And why not? Being a guy with no real ambition beyond some kind of bizarre tanning, working out and laundry ethos has paid off for him handsomely so far. Why shouldn't he think, "oh, yeah, I can do comedy"? Why shouldn't Snooki write a novel, for that matter?

One would hope that the reaction The Situation got would give him pause to reconsider his life choices, but one would be wrong. According to Lisa Lampanelli, when he returned to his seat on the dais he said he thought it went pretty well. I guess it depends on your criteria for judgment. Did he do "pretty well" compared to how the actual comedians surrounding him did? Not by a long shot. Did he do "pretty well" compared to his fellow non-comedians, Marlee Matlin, Larry King and Snoop Dogg did? No way. In fact, Matlin and Snoop had two of our favorite sets of the night. But did he do "pretty well" compared to how someone from the cast of "Jerseylicious" might have done? Maybe.


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