Episode 83: A Reality, Reality World (AUDIO)

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Episode #83: "A Reality, Reality World"


2011-12-16-Brad_GoreskiNov_17_2010.jpgBrad Goreski and Levi Crocker join us for a reality-star-packed version of The Six Pack! First, we chat it up with Brad about his new Bravo show, It's a Brad, Brad World, and dig deeper into the fallout between him and Rachel Zoe. Brad also gives us his thoughts on Bravo's increasingly gay programming.

"We need more gay in the world! I really believe that," Goreski says of Bravo's new lineup, which includes both his new show and openly gay Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live expanding to five nights a week. "I'm seeing this a lot on my Twitter; people are excited to see a gay couple and, you know, a gay person starting out a business. I feel like there's actually a desire there right now... that was a part of the reason why I wanted to do the show, because of everything that's been going on with bullying and the suicide rate... I was like we need to keep the image out there of people and positive role models... I think we need a lot of gay right now."

Next up, it's Levi Crocker from Logo's The A-List: Dallas. Crocker holds nothing back when talking about his distate for Ann Coulter -- "She seems pretty evil, doesn't she?" -- and her controversial comments on the Logo show.

All that, plus this weeks trending topics on this edition of The Six Pack.

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