The Skin Collector Is Deaver at His Best

Jeffery Deaver fans get excited when there is a new novel of his on the bookstore shelves, and they go bananas when it is a story that features Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs. His latest novel is a Rhyme/Sachs novel titled THE SKIN COLLECTOR and it should please his fans and other readers to the max.

This time out there is a killer in New York. He sneaks up on people in basement settings and abducts them. Then he tattoos their bodies with messages. He uses ink mixed with poison.

Rhyme realizes that his actions bear a resemblance to those of the notorious "bone collector", who was introduced in the first Rhyme/Sachs novel. This killer is obsessed with skin, not bones. Using all of his skills and those of his team, Rhyme is racing against time as the killer seems willing to kill and kill again.

Then in the middle of this crime rampage another old adversary of Rhyme's comes on the scene. This leads to Rhyme having the actions of two deadly criminals on his plate. Still the reader is always confident that Rhyme and Sachs can handle whatever comes their way.

In previous books the story of Rhyme and Sachs relationship has been advanced. THE SKIN COLLECTOR focuses more on the crimes and the investigations than on personal stories. You still however get insight into the major characters in the book, but it is not as pronounced as it has sometimes been in the past.

In any Deaver book there is a vast amount of knowledge on display about a variety of subjects. Rhyme is one smart man and he is constantly showing his knowledge in his investigations. Sachs is also smart but she uses her physical skills in aiding the investigations. Since Rhyme is a quadriplegic he is the brain and she is the brawn.

There is something distinctly delightful in Deaver's writing style. He educates the readers while also entertaining them. Plus there are just the right amount of twists and turns to surprise even the most astute among us. Just when you think you have everything figured out there is one more twist that makes you realize how little you know.

For those who have never read a Deaver book this is definitely the time to start. Once you are hooked you will find yourself searching for everything he has written in the past and that is plenty. He is one of the premiere writers of mysteries and each and every one of his books is a reading pleasure from beginning to end.

So get a copy of THE SKIN COLLECTOR and settle yourself in for hours of reading satisfaction.

THE SKIN COLLECTOR is published by Grand Central Publishing. It contains 448 pages and sells for $28.00.

Jackie K Cooper