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The Sky is the Limit for Holiday Hair

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It's that time of year again. The holidays are here and many of us have calendars that are filled to the brim with everything from company parties to children's concerts. With all this activity, we want to feel that we look our best for all the seasonal events while avoiding wearing the same hairstyle that we wear during our everyday routines.

For me, the go to for ideas is always the red carpets of Hollywood. Each year I look forward to watching the Critic's Choice awards because the show typically falls right in the middle of the holidays. It's great to watch my favorite Hollywood headliners dressed in the colors of the season which they pair with everything from casual to exquisite hairstyles.

So many different starlets caught my eye this year. Let's start with Evan Rachel Wood and her asymmetrical look. When I say "asymmetrical", I am referring to when the hair is cut, or appears to be cut, different lengths on each side. This is a style that we have seen in the past and I promise you, it's going to stick around for the future. It's a great look and you can create it easily with a soft textured bob.

We also saw some of our red carpet beauties with hair that was one length. Some opted for very long hair as well which supports what I have said all year in regards to natural looks being popular.

There were also several stars that put their own spin on long hair by wearing one side shorter than the other. I love this creativity. They sky was definitely the limit when it came to wearing unique styles. If I could suggest one thing to focus on this season, I would say that it's up to you and your imagination when creating a look.

For example, you can construct a classy and trendy style by combing all your hair to one side and pinning it back or spraying it. This keeps it away from your face creating the illusion that your hair is shorter on one side. This is especially fun if your hair is not cut in an asymmetrical way.

Drastic changes can bring some sizzle to your style, too. I can think of several superstars over the years who have shaved one whole side of their head and selected to leave the other side to fall in a loose natural way. How cool is that?

I am still seeing a lot of texture. I am mentioning this because there are many ways to create all types of different textured looks. Let's take Kate Micucci and her textured bob, I thought that she looked fabulous and the texture brought her style to life.

Lisa Bonet was another terrific example of texture. Consider for instance her updo. Since her hair is naturally curly, it allowed her the option to pull it up and leave beautiful pieces dangling loosely on one side which made for an extremely modern yet sexy look.

Both Janelle Monae and Jessica Beil illustrated that they were all about texture as they walked the red carpet like the superstars they are. I loved it! Not only did the gorgeous Jessica Beil have long textured locks, she rocked her bangs with a full textured look as well. What an awesome way to draw attention to your hair as an asset!

To sum it up, you can take any hairstyle and create your own kind of texture. This can be accomplished through using different colors such as Evan Rachel Wood did. Along with the asymmetrical cut that I mentioned earlier, she had one side of her hair that was very blonde and wore the other side very dark. This is a striking look that contributed to her textured look.

It could be that you have very long hair and you want to create texture by using a curling iron to create different lengths, types of waves, curls or even finger waves. Plain and simple, now you're dealing with a whole different avenue for designing your style. This goes hand in hand with wearing braids and twist. Add these two items to your hair arsenal and your updo takes on a whole new persona.

Then there is always the bread and butter. Meaning, ask your stylist to take out their sheers. Request some long cut layers, choppy layers or bangs be added to your hairstyle. And again, don't stop there because like I said earlier, the sky is the limit!