From The S l ant: Sexpert Susie Bright on Porn, Erotica, Orange Is the New Black and How Prudery Kills

Twenty years ago, when Susie Bright published the first-ever anthology of women's erotic fiction, Herotica, the publishing industry shrieked, "Women want romance, not sex!" They were wrong, of course -- way wrong. Herotica did so well that it landed Bright a new book series, The Best American Erotica, which still thrives two decades later.

The Slant reached out to America's beloved sex critic to get a temperature on contemporary sexual politics. In her view, our cultural discourse on sexuality remains as frighteningly dishonest and out of touch as the publishers who pooh-poohed Herotica back in 1993.

Ms. Bright, electrifying and as sassy as ever, gave us her spin on Internet porn, misperceptions about erotica, and Netflix's new hit show Orange Is the New Black. She also warned about the deadliness of prudery.