Watch What Happens When 20 People Are Paired Off And Asked To Slap Each Other

Watch What Happens When 20 People Pair Off And Intimately ... Slap Each Other

Remember that video where 20 "strangers" were randomly paired up then asked to kiss for the first time -- on camera?

This is basically the same thing, but instead of kissing, these acquaintances exchange tender, loving ... slaps?

Whereas the original kiss-centric video was ultimately revealed to have been part of a marketing campaign (the participants had been paid for their involvement), Max Landis, the man behind this slap variant, promises "everything you see on camera is real and spontaneous." He stresses no one was paid -- not even Haley Joel Osment, who makes a surprise slappearance.

"No one was pressured, and everyone was hit as hard as THEY asked to be hit," Landis adds in the video description. In a separate video, Landis makes sure to emphasize "The Slap" isn't intended to glorify or condone violence.

WATCH "The Slap," above, and "First Kiss," below:

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