The Sleep of Monsters Produces Reason

Change is seeping into our consciousnesses and Hope is entering our lives like amber rays dispelling the murk of a drugged sleep, the one which we endured so helplessly, so long.

The movement headed by Obama is becoming an unstoppable juggernaut, fueled not by his leadership alone but by the gathering momentum of those individuals who feel the totality of the movement's righteousness within them. Obama is the face of the movement; the people are the movement.

And while we are relishing our Obasm, we must nonetheless be aware of the opposing forces who peer jealously across the widening breach, who are becoming even more embittered, even more determined to prevent this movement from succeeding. Starting from its warped, hardened kernel of an ideology, the Bush/Neo-Con jihad on democracy has been nothing less than catastrophic, a global socio/geopolitical plague. And it's not just the obvious villains we have to be concerned about. There are the appeasers in our midst, the DINO's who continue to reward Bush's treachery with unimpeded funding for the disgrace of Iraq and immunity for his flouting of the law. And there is our own knee-jerk cowering in the face of an enemy openly courted, recklessly wielded and described as impregnable by Bush et al.: Fear. Knowing we would forever shudder and weep at the images branded into our brains, Fear is probably the most brutally effective weapon BushCo had -- has -- in its arsenal and is used with the same alacrity with which Saddam used poison gas on the Kurds.

Likewise, there is a realistic understanding of Obama as politician. We know that he must do certain things in order to survive the caustic climate of government; that he must promise, cajole, threaten and perform, speak the lingua franca of American bureaucratic push me-pull me and that while his vision for America is virtually without fault, obviously he himself is not. But it is his humanity along with his and our acknowledgment of same which gives this movement any hope of success.

And although we have learned the hard way, having painfully witnessed BushCo's trampling of nations, with Obama we got damn lucky. And we'd better appreciate that lest this moment slip away and a long time passes before another one comes.

So it is now our duty as newly deputized agents of Change and Hope to protect this American movement with the fierce devotion of parents who have recovered their kidnapped child. The boogeymen had their way and now it's time to let them know unequivocally that it will not happen again.

It's good to be awake again.