The New Revival of Neo-Conservatism and its Racist undertone

Happy #CincoDeMayo! Trump tweeted from the Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!” the tweet said.
Happy #CincoDeMayo! Trump tweeted from the Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!” the tweet said.

In Washington, DC- The major talk of The Presidential election that currently surrounds, Donald Trump and his transition team- is the obvious selection of known white nationalist to prominent cabinet positions. The growing question and concern surrounding this selection effort is: most people around the country are concerned and want to know if this is an attempt to cleanse American control of diversity? “Hail Terump, hail our people, hail victory!” That’s how Richard B. Spencer saluted more than 200 attendees-one week ago-on Saturday, as they gathered at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C., for the annual conference of the National Policy Institute, which describes itself as “an independent organization dedicated to the heritage. One “America was until this past generation a white country designed for ourselves and our posterity,” Spencer said. “It is our creation, it is our inheritance, and it belongs to us.”  The audience offered cheers, applause, and enthusiastic Nazi salutes.

The embrace of Donald Trump by America’s white nationalists has been one of the most unsettling threads in the 2016 campaign for many. The celebrity New York developer has been endorsed by the nation’s most prominent neo-Nazis, as well as both current and former Klansmen. He is supported online by a legion of racist and anti-Semitic trolls, who push his campaign’s message and viciously attack journalists and politicians they see as hostile to Trump

Two months ago in October after another Election debate forum was when we first heard about the issue with Trump degrading a Mexican beauty pageant contestant during what has been billed as the most-watched debate in presidential history. That evening Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton made Trump’s remarks to Alicia Machado a centerpiece of their first televised clash, citing the name-calling – in particular,  highlighting Trump’s treatment of Machado that reached its peak when in January 1997 when, having put the recently crowned Miss Universe on a stringent diet and exercise regime. Trump then scheduled a trip with her to a New York City gym when at this time she (Machado ) was blindsided by dozens of laughing camera men, who gathered to film her. Trump calling her “Miss Housekeeping”  allegedly in reference to Machado's- Latina origins also called her "Miss Piggy," due to the fact that Machado was prone to weight gain–Machado said this was a prime example of her opponent’s demeaning views about women. 

This reminds us of the recent Taco Bowl shaming controversy from several months ago-when Trump faced disapproval ratings north of 70% among Hispanic voters, Donald Trump reached out on the Thursday last May on the day before CincoDeMayo, with a fork. He tweeted a photo of himself at his desk in Trump Tower, smiling and giving a thumbs-up,with a taco bowl in front of him. “Happy #CincoDeMayo! Trump took from the Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!” the tweet said. (pic, above)

The question that many may ask, is this move racist or defensible? Well- “Hispanic,” as defined by the Census Bureau as well as by common sense, is not a race. It is rather a designation of immigrant provenance that has been applied in ways ever more bizarre as the years have passed. It classifies people by national language—not the language of the immigrant—so that a youngster from the Dominican Republic gets lumped together with an Indian from the Bolivian highlands (even if that Indian does not speak Spanish), not with a Haitian who grew up ten miles away (even if that Haitian does speak speak Spanish). On the opposite side of the deep divide is the GOP (Grand Ole Party) or better known as the Republican Party-also known to many as a passionate core of true believers mostly American, mostly mature whites,armed with steadfast right wing values to "Restore America,". The same GOP that has contributed to record turnout numbers in the first wave of primary polls, despite a series of ridiculous missteps from Trump, they’re not wavering in their support for the front-runner. In opposition to the swelling polls- According to the US Census the minority population rise is boiling again, with xenophobia against Arabs at a height, and we can not forget about Latinos, who are already the largest minority according to the latest US Census data–35.3 million strong.

Citing a study by Northwestern University Psychologists Maureen Craig and Jennifer Richeson, Jamelle Bouie frets that white Americans who are Neocons will react to their future minority status with ever-more conservative leanings and angst, perhaps making the country’s future electorate as racially polarized. For example in one state California-Here’s what the study found:

Using a nationally representative survey of self-identified politically “independent” whites, Craig and Richeson conducted three experiments. In the first, they asked respondents about the racial shift in California—if they had heard the state had become majority-minority. What they found was a significant shift toward Republican identification, which increased for those who lived closest to the West Coast.

10 Classic American Errors Caused by serious failings of Neoconservative Policy makers

Neocons represent a political movement born in the United States during the 1960's among Democrats who became disenchanted with the party’s domestic and especially foreign policy. Many of its adherents became politically famous during the Republican presidential administrations of the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Neoconservatives peaked in influence during the administrations of George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush, when they played a major role in promoting and planning the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Prominent neoconservatives in the George W. Bush administration included Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton Elliott Abrams, Richard Perle, and Paul Bremer. Senior officials Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. (below, bottom). Let’s now list 10 policies that have caused the American Public heartache due to poor Neoconservative politics.

  1. 45 Million Americans Without Health Insurance (2002-2008)
  1. Controversial Assertion of Executive Power causing Iraq War costing $1.9 trillion (start-2003)
  1. Skyrocketing Deficit (2001-08) $400 billion
  1. CIA abuse & playing too close to the edge on Torture (2001 and 2006)
  1. 164,154 – 183,268 Documented civilian deaths from violence in Iraq (start-2003)
  1. No Robust, Sustained Alternative Energy Policy (2001)
  1. Hurricane Katrina Exposed FEMA Woes - (August, 2005)
  1. SEC Allows Investment Banks to Go Unregulated they had a field day (2002-2005)
  1. No Child Left Behind: A Few Bumps in the Road (2002)
  1. The Worldwide Rise of ISIS (Starting in 1999)

The Fake-Trump Racial Improvement Plan for African Americans

We love the new recently racially sensitive Donald Trump which highlights President Elect Trump's post campaign as they are now trying to make a serious statement about Trump's new found political affection for the Black Community. During the election campaign-The Trump Political team had flirted with black mostly Republican Pastors and their churches. During visits to the various churches it was reported that Trump in his true to typical form, routinely had his campaign handlers prepare lengthy answers and submitted questions, (during video taping) consulting the black Republicans to make sure he says the right things. For example during a Detroit election visit at Great Faith Ministries International, questions were submitted to the Pastor Bishop Jackson requesting to avoid whether Trumps campaign is racist, the script suggests that Mr. Trump avoid repeating the word, and instead speak about improving education and getting people off welfare and back to work.

Many Americans had probably been hearing a lot about how America's racial and ethnic makeup is drastically changing. Now it seems as though some of these population tipping points are happening sooner than expected. The question of the hour for Republican Party and all Americans that we must ask is: do we have a sincere conversation about the implications of the radical racial shift in areas like the economy and pop culture?

One has to wonder just how severe of a crisis will be posed to (Neocon) Republicans now that Trump is in office. Many feel this question is warranted- only because the Trump movement—risks alienating a motivated base of American supporters. As it stands the Trump fiasco may be the turning point for the GOP and The Neoconservatives to break their grip of shame. Many believe If the GOP were smart or strategic then they should consider the “Browning of America,” and being hypersensitive to race and cultural issues. If the Trump allies are smart then they would do the same-but we won’t hold our breath. (glg)

Classic Known Political Neocons
Classic Known Political Neocons

(This article was updated to include current information on 12-20-16)

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