The Slow News Movement

The most interesting thing about the story that Bob Costas begged off hosting a Larry King show devoted to the missing young woman in Aruba -- aside from reminding us that Costas is one of the few classy guys left in TV news -- is the assertion deep in the story that the Holloway drama is being milked by cable because this is a "slow news period."

Really? Yes, the President's at the "ranch," Congress has dispersed to the various junkets and fundraisers, but does that mean this is a period devoid of real news? If that were true, it might be a good time for following up the big story of last winter -- as the Australian
and Britishmedia are doing. They're busy finding out what happened to all the aid money earmarked for the victims of the East Asian tsunami. What's the matter, CNN? Too slow for you?

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