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The Smartest Way to Cut Watermelon (VIDEO)

Your watermelon cutting will go from hack job to a watermelon work of art.
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By Caitlin Harrington, writer at

Watermelon is hands down my favorite fruit of all time. Just eating a giant slice makes me think of summertime, hot weather, and sitting out by the pool. The only complaint I have about the giant delicious fruit is that I basically have to eat it outside because of the outrageous mess I make while struggling to cut it up, and then struggling even more trying it make it into bite sized pieces to eat.

This video will change all of that, making watermelon not only the best fruit around, but the most eaten fruit in my household!

This watermelon cutting hack is one you'll definitely want to copy, just like the watermelon hack that showed us hot to turn the fruit into a portable keg filled with rum, tequila, or any other tropical alcohol you could dream of. Or, if you prefer to slurp your alcohol, you can always check out the watermelon hack that uses a gelatin to make the most adorable Jell-O shots you've ever seen!

Before you get into the more complicated watermelon recipes and hacks, this is the hack you need to know to get you started. Using a few precise cuts, your watermelon cutting will go from hack job to a watermelon work of art, and because it makes your watermelon shareable, you can show off your new skill to everyone who takes a piece!

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