the social security "log jam"

A lot of people have been talking about the social security "log jam." And this has got me thinking:

I want to surprise my roommate Scott (the flight attendant) for his birthday, by digging a tunnel to an underground playroom. But I've heard that when building a tunnel, the ceiling should roughly a foot thick (for every foot of width). Currently i'm using a long-handled shovel, a short-handled shovel, a pick, and an axe for troubling tree roots. What's also recommended: using a bucket and rope - fill the bucket with dirt, then pull it out.
(Thanks to David Frum for IMing that last tip to me.)

But now to the question:
Should this tunnel be handicap accessible? I don't intend to have many "visitors." But i would hate to offend anyone. If I build a ramp at a 45 degree slant, i may need to install hand rails to prevent against sliding into the "love pit." Any thoughts on this, Jim Pinkerton?

Another question: Where's David Gergen?
Well friends, he's right here

And he's more Gergen than any of you will ever be.