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Are you a member? There are two requirements: You have to maintain a to-do list that governs how you feel about your day, and you have to regularly mention how busy you are.

The power of the to-do list is pretty remarkable. That feeling of striking through something that you've just completed, can that be duplicated? That sweet victory of accomplishment. It's so fulfilling, yet leaves us wanting more.

Just recently I was able to scratch two things off of my to-do list -- groceries and filing my tax return. I could barely stand.

And then I realized there were 632 other things on my list. Damn.

That list and all its power keeps us busy and moving, and it is relentless. No matter how many lines that are marked, the list never, ever goes away. There is always so much to do.

Until life interrupts and we can't do those things.

Maybe you tore your Achilles tendon, or broke an arm, or need to nurse someone who has become ill, or, as I recently did, began growing a baby in my uterus. (Can I say uterus?)

The things that occupy space on our to-do lists seem inconsequential and frivolous when really important things come up. It makes you realize that most of what's on that powerful list is actually meaningless when it comes to your happiness.

Sometimes wake-up calls, however big or small they are, are needed because they let us take another look at what's driving our sense of accomplishment.

We get a chance to reevaluate what's using up a resource we don't get back -- our time.

But what if we didn't have to wait for that wake up call to recreate our lists? What if we took a look at our to-do lists today, and all the things that are keeping us too busy from doing what we would love to do -- our dashed dreams and secret desires -- and re-prioritize?

Maybe when you really dig deep, starting that art class or calling your sister is a little more important than alphabetizing your pantry.

Keep in mind that what's important doesn't have to be monumental. Taking a walk outside can rank pretty high on your list if it makes you feel good.

That's the key -- what makes you feel good? What do you love to do? What makes you smile and is meaningful to you? What keeps you connected? Are these things on your list? Or do you find yourself racing here and there and wonder what you did all day that kept you so busy?

When we begin to question what's keeping us so busy, tired and overwhelmed we can begin to question what's truly important to us.

Then we don't need a big life circumstance to wake us up or get us to slow down. We savor more. We acknowledge the beauty that's around us a little more. We take in the people we love more. We really listen to ourselves and those we share our lives with. Our lives become more meaningful, rewarding and stress falls away.

Sound like a pipe dream?

It's not. In fact, start today. Throw out your to-do list (you can do it!) and rewrite it. It may take some time to acknowledge the dreams you've stifled and the little things that mean so much to you, but take the time to reflect and reconnect. Rekindle your desires and make changes in your day that show the real you.

The laundry will still be there after you take your grandma to lunch. In fact, I'm willing to place a wager on the fact that no one leaves this planet thinking they wish they would have organized more, watched more television or checked in with social media a little more.

Today is the day to rekindle your desires and make changes in your day that show the real you. You own your time, so do what makes your heart sing.

Lots of love,


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