The Song That Was Playing When Lin-Manuel Miranda Was Conceived

And he found out in the most abrupt way. 😂

Lin-Manuel Miranda was not afraid, not at all petrified, to reveal the classic song he was conceived to while on The Ellen Show this week.

On Monday, the “Hamilton” creator told host Ellen DeGeneres the story of how he found out he’d been conceived to “I Will Survive.”

The Ellen Show played the Gloria Gaynor mega hit as Miranda walked on stage, and DeGeneres greeted the actor and composer by saying “that’s your song, ‘I Will Survive.’” Miranda then told the audience the story behind the song.

“So, for a while VH1 was airing American Band Stand a lot and one day ‘I Will Survive’ came on,” Miranda said. “And my parents played that song to death, so I changed the channel. My dad comes running in from the other room and says ‘Don’t you ever change the channel on that song, you were conceived to that song in 1979’.”

Miranda said it was “quite a story” to hear as a teenager. All we can say is that at least now he knows he has all his life to live (and all his love to give) thanks to Gaynor’s signature tune.

Watch Miranda’s full interview with Ellen DeGeneres above.