'The Sounds Of Aronofsky' Is Brilliant And Disturbing (VIDEO)

'The Sounds Of Aronofsky' Is Brilliant And Disturbing

Vimeo user Kogonada has an eye for distilling the more stylized modern directors down to their essences.

Earlier this year, he edited together reels of Wes Anderson from above and Quentin Tarantino from below, highlighting each director's favorite perspective. He also remixed several seasons of "Breaking Bad" POV shots into one rad reel.

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But this short is a little different: Rather than focusing strictly on sight, Kogonada hones in on sound. In "Sounds Of Aronofsky," the adept editor cuts together some of the American director's most striking auditory moments. The catch is that, in Aronofsky's work, sound and sight generally compliment each other.

The succession of fast cuts from films like "Requiem For A Dream," "Pi" and "Black Swan" creates a dizzying effect, especially when listened to through headphones. It would be hard to watch if it weren't so engrossing.

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