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The Sounds of Fashion Week

If you've worked your way through all ten, congratulations! Now do this five times over with no sleep and no food. Welcome to fashion.
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The majority of the world looks at Fashion Week as only catwalks, stick-thin models, and of course clothes. Clothes, clothes and more clothes. Clothes in all colors, shapes and size. Clothes you love, clothes you hate, but certainly not clothes you or I could ever afford.

Designers see Fashion Week as their chance to show the world their art. The runway is a stage, and dresses, pants, blouses and suits are the players. And, just like any good musical or movie, music is the best support one could ask for. While attendees and photographers come to see what we'll all be wearing in half a year (or, what the rich and fabulous of us will be wearing), it's hard to imagine what a show would be without a little walking music. Designers are inspired by music and often choose what's heard at their shows in order to match it perfectly with their artistic vision.

This year, I was lucky enough to take part in the festivities, watching how models walked to the music, and getting to experience the effect music had on how you see the collection. Below is a playlist of the ten best tracks I heard all week, as well as what designer chose them. Check out the brand and their collection as you listen to the music and see if it heightens your view of the gowns and garb being shown.

Here's your challenge: Click the designer's name to watch the collection on mute and listen to the chosen song. That way, you'll see just how brilliant these choices really are.

Daft Punk - "The Game Has Changed" (at CuteCircuit)

CuteCircuit is a brand based around the meeting point of fashion and technology. While their dresses and accessories are beautiful enough to hold their own, when you turn off the lights and turn on your phone, the sewn-in LED lights and screens go live and the clothes become something else entirely. Daft Punk's incredible score for the Tron movie is the perfect accompaniment for such innovation.

Blood Orange - "On The Line (Star Slinger Remix)" (at Noon By Noor)

Bliss - "La Mamounia Theme" (at Tadashi Shoji)

Tomas Barford - "November Skies (ft. Nina Kinert)" (at Georgine)

Nina Kinert's beautiful, breathy vocals perfectly match the upcoming Georgine collection, and Tomas Barford's all-too-cool beats provided the perfect rythym to walk to. If this song doesn't scream Fashion Week, nothing does.

Mikky Ekko - "Kids (Oliver Nelson Remix)" (at Rebecca Vallance)

New Order - "Age of Consent" (at Leila Shams)

Fred Astaire - "Cheek to Cheek" (at Venexiana)

Venexiana is the baddest chick in the game -- and don't get me wrong, the rest of her playlist would prove it. The designer's shows are usually a who's who of 1970's punk rock, which is the perfect contrast to her bejeweled gowns, ready for the Oscars or whatever fancy benefit you're running of to tonight (ha!). Somehow, hearing Sid Vicious screaming at you as a beautiful blonde walks in pink silk is always magnificent. The Fred Astaire choice was a genuinely sweet moment, and one that caught me off gaurd.

Four Tet - "Lions (Jamie XX Remix)" (at Katya Leonovich)

Coeur de pirate - "You Know I'm No Good" (at Lie Sang Bong)

David Bowie - "Suffragette City" (at Jay Godfrey)

Rock n roll was everywhere at Jay Godfrey's New York Fashion Week debut -- in the clothes, in the model's eyes, and certainly in the music. As is a rare treat at Fashion Week, Jay actually had Beau Croxton playing his electric guitar live. If the black leather wasn't saying it loud and clear, you can bet having a shaggy-haired rocker next to you did the trick.

If you've worked your way through all ten, congratulations! Now do this five times over with no sleep and no food. Welcome to fashion.