No One Is Talking About the Source of Our Racial Divide

As well intentioned as we are in our dialogues and in our actions, the truth is as a society we haven't yet focused onof what has engendered the racial divide in the first place.
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It's pretty obvious there are people doggedly on both sides of this racial issue escalating and looming larger under the social microscope of angry outcries and counter arguments. The proposed ways to deal with the issue that one side knows as injustice through deeply embedded prejudice and the other side holds as justifiable duty -- these suggested solutions continue to keep us divided in this either/or battle. The end of the racial divide is not going to come about through cameras on uniforms nor will it come about through stricter laws and heavier-handed punitive actions of those held responsible. However admirable these actions may seem on the surface, they are temporary patches in the holes of a sinking ship.

The obstacle to resolution is we are dealing with effects when we need to deal with the source of the problem. We are focused on circumstances and evidence and of course these are important. Albeit in the most devastating case of Eric Garner where the evidence couldn't be clearer, the facts on camera made no difference to the outcome aside from the groundswell of expressed disgust and outrage with the decision and anguish regarding the systemic flaws in law enforcement and the grand jury process.

As well intentioned as we are in our dialogues and in our actions, the truth is as a society we haven't yet focused on the source of what has engendered the racial divide in the first place. We're so busy trying to prove or not that racism exists (like absurdly trying to prove that the force of gravity exists) that no one is talking about the heart of the matter: What is the underlying cause of it.

So then, can we say what is at the source of racial divides?
We have many divides that keep us at odds in our human culture, divides that cost us dearly in dignity and health, wealth and happiness. For a number of years people and politicians and pundits around the world have been talking about the divide between people who have access to new technologies and those who don't, the divide between the wealthy class and the poorer classes, political divides, religious divides, development divides amongst nation-states, educational and even age and gender divides.

Yet, there is one great divide that has persisted, the ending of which has the power to resolve all the rest. This Great Divide is the divide between awakened souls and souls who remain in a sleepwalk of mistaken identity, where we imagine ourselves as separate and independent, oriented around a one-dimensional view of life based in the physical. That old world view, an outdated scientific paradigm referred to as scientific materialism declared 400 years ago that "only physical matter is real" and this assumption unwittingly became the background from which we live.

In the limited view of physical reality, we look separate and we look different. Yet, when we awaken to the fact of both modern quantum scientific discovery and spiritual insight -- there are distinctions, however no actual separation between ourselves, between ourselves and the planet that sustains our lives, between ourselves and the forces of nature -- then a true awakening to our interconnectedness takes place. That fact, when realized, changes everything.

This is not a hope and a prayer of a Polyanna-ish fantasy. The unified field is alive and well and multidimensional. This is fact in every dimension of life, physical, energetic, and spiritual: there are no actual separations. This riveting knowledge can explain a lot about what is at the source of so many of our societal divides. The source of the racial divide is this unconscious limited conditioning of a society who, through no fault of its own, looks only in the physical for determining who is right and who is good and who is worthy -- based on whatever views and ideas we have been brought up to accept without questioning.

In a recent HuffPost blog gone viral, I declared there's A New Mainstream out there, millions of people who yearn for a new enlightened consciousness that goes beyond societal differences, political credo and religious creed. The end of our racial divide can only come about through dealing with it at the source: a new mindset for humanity, an awakening where we recognize and acknowledge the truth of our interconnectedness. This is the real meaning of diversity in unity. It's time we start talking openly about it.<>

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