Meet Inspiring Former Special Olympics Athelete Megan From 'The Specials' Docu-Series

Meet An Inspiring Former Special Olympics Athlete From 'The Specials'

Megan, Sam, Hilly, Lucy, and Lewis are five childhood friends with intellectual disabilities who live together in Brighton, UK. The ups and downs they share - from first love to heartbreak, leaving college to finding a job -- is documented in "The Specials," a Webby award-winning docu-series which began online in 2009 and more recently filmed a second season.

In the above video, we're introduced to Megan, then 19 years old. She's the last housemate to move in and is finding her independence. In addition to moving away from her family for the first time, Megan has recently competed in the 2009 Special Olympics in Leicester.

"It was incredible, really," Megan says.

The series follows the challenges Megan will come to face, from competing in three Olympic horse riding events to learning to live with four housemates, of which three have Down syndrome and one has Williams syndrome.

"'The Specials' is about people with learning disabilities," Megan says. "All five housemates live together and we share our lives. It's a very good show, it's funny as well."

Back-to-back episodes of "The Specials" will air all day Sunday, September 7, starting at 2:30 p.m. ET on OWN.

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