The Spiritual Password

The Spiritual Password
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Each and every one of us comes from the same light where we are all connected, consciously, as part of the Oneness, also described as the Field by Lynn McTaggart. This experience of Oneness disappears for most people at some point after birth, during their childhood years. The interesting part is that when we let go of it, we are oblivious to the fact that we have lost one of the most sacred and natural connections we possess as human beings: the true connection to the Divine. Through the shutting down of our natural contact to the Divine and our connectedness to ourselves as well as our surroundings, we lose an important key. In this key lies the Spiritual Password; the unique connection to the wisdom of our hearts. The tricky part is that if we realize that we yearn to find the lost key to re-enter the Spiritual Password, thus trying to rediscover our connection to our inner truth, the path seems to be missing. We have lost the way.

This happened to us too, although we had a very diverse upbringing. Princess Märtha Louise is the daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway; she has had the public eye on her from birth, and Elisabeth Nordeng was brought up in an average Norwegian family. Nevertheless, we had very similar experiences of feeling different growing up because of our spirituality. Both of us were highly sensitive, taking in everybody else's emotional and physical tensions. We saw energies around people, we could sense the unspoken truths, and we both had healing hands. To us this was normal; we thought that everybody could sense the same. The shock hit us hard the day we realized that this was not the case.

Trying to adjust to the intellectually steered society surrounding us, we started closing off our sensitivity as much as possible. In this way we turned off our inner navigational systems and started losing our Spiritual Password. We felt disconnected, alone, different, insecure, and energetically drained. Our intellect did not fully satisfy the underlying questions that kept reoccurring with more and more intensity throughout our youth: Is there something more to life than the physical plane we all agree exists? If there is, how do we connect to it and for what purpose? Why do I sense things while others do not?

Trying to get closer to the answer to these questions, we both signed up for the same clairvoyance course, where we participated for two and a half years. To be honest, we did not "click" straight away. We did not click at all, actually. There were fifteen people at the course, and we can remember (with horror, we might add) the three times we tried to strike up a cordial conversation. It was not until the course had ended and we continued doing energy readings with the group that we struck up a conversation one day on the topic of angels and our contact with them. That is when the angels removed a veil between us, and we suddenly saw that we possessed the same humour and had the same dreams of working as spiritual teachers. Going from not managing to complete a sentence to finishing each other's sentences from one moment to the next was nothing short of a miracle. We understood that we had been prepared for this moment all our lives.

It was through this collaboration that we rediscovered the Spiritual Password, and instantly got the connection with the yet again. From being physically drained by daily routines, and something as normal as being around other people, to being able to keep our energy level throughout the day, no matter what our challenges, was simply astounding to us. We intuitively understood the importance of finding this secret Spiritual Password and knew that it was too great to keep to ourselves. Through this blog, we will elaborate on our experiences with the diversity of spirituality, give you hints on how to connect to the Spiritual Password, though that will be looked at more closely in our book The Spiritual Password published by Hay House Publishing January 2014, but most of all we will hopefully inspire you to continue on your spiritual path. Because you are the only one who can walk that path. If you don't, who will? There is simply nobody else who has exactly your experiences and your view of the world therefore no one else can fill your place. You are unique. If you don't walk your path it simply won't be used. And we all know what happens with disused paths; they get unrecognizable from all the undergrowth. By being consciously present in your every day life, you may see your path clearly.

Every second of your conscious life can be connected to the divine you, shining as the light you truly are. Please join us in rediscovering your standing point in life where you can be connected to your heart, the Earth, the source of the Universe and your guardian angel through the Spiritual Password. The world needs you as a lightworker right now. Do you dare take the step?

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