The Spiritual Power Of Creativity

Do you believe that you are not creative? We are all creative - you just have to know how to tap into it. Discover how your creativity and your intent to learn can open you to your spiritual Guidance.

Our left-brained society often downplays the power of creativity. In schools, the curriculum is often focused on math, science, reading and language skills. Yet none of these has the power to open to heart and connect us with our spiritual Guidance the way our creativity does.

I have always been an artist. As a child, drawing and crafts were a major way I soothed myself in a very stressful household. When I would lose myself in a creative project, I would feel the calmness that comes from being in oneness with my higher self. I didn't know that that's what it was. I didn't know that what I was doing was opening to my spiritual Guidance -- I just knew that it felt safe and soothing.

As an adult, the first time I had actual contact with my personal spiritual Guidance was when I was doing a large painting. While I was in a very open and creative state, the image of a beautiful, joyful, loving and powerful silver-haired woman came into my mind's eye. As I placed her into my painting, I felt that I had always known her. I didn't know who she was at that time, but I was filled with a deep feeling of recognition.

I wanted to have more contact with her, to be guided by her, to know that she was always with me. Over time I learned that opening to the creative state is a profound pathway toward connecting with our spiritual Guidance. The imagination is a doorway into the Divine, and when we learn to trust what we imagine, we come to realize that we are not making it up at all. Our arrogant mind wants to think that we make up the things we create, but this is not the case at all. When we open to our creativity and our imagination, we are opening to the wisdom of Spirit, and what comes is coming THROUGH us, not FROM us.

Staying locked into our own mind is like being cut off from accessing the Internet. Our personal computer is like our mind - programmed only with what we have put into it. Yet, just as we can use our computer to access the vast information on the Internet, we can use our mind to open to the infinite love, peace, joy, information and creativity that is available to us from Spirit. We can use our mind to set our intention to open to learning. When we are open to learning, we are in a creative state, open to the gifts that Spirit has for us.

We can choose when to open to our creativity by choosing our intention. When our intention is to have control over getting love and avoiding pain, we close down and cannot access the gifts of Spirit. The intention to control is the opposite of the intention to learn. When our intention is to learn about love and truth, our energy opens and creativity flows. Learning is a surrender of our illusions of control. Our choice to learn rather than control, and to move into and trust our imagination, opens us to the flow of creativity, as well as to the love, peace, joy and wisdom of Spirit.

We all have the gift of creativity. When you let go of the illusion of control and open to learning, your unique gifts of creativity will flow through you. Creativity opens you to Spirit, and Spirit brings you the gift of creativity -- a beautiful circle of joy!

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