The (Spiritual) Truth About Weight Loss

There are so many diets and weight loss products, books, films and blogs it's so hard to know what to do with overweight and obesity. If you are realizing that you have a problem with weight, and want to do something about it -- let me give you some words of truth and reassurance.

-- Truth is, your weight problem isn't something you can fix by yourself. It's not about will-power or dieting. You likely will not be able to just go on a magic diet and solve the problem. Get help from an authentic and reliable source, not from a diet fad or money-making schemer.

-- Weight problems are caused by a combination of cultural influences, habits, eating too much, or eating the wrong foods that are making you fat.

-- You're overweight or obese because of genetics, overabundance, a sedentary life, and emotional disconnection. It's a complex problem; there's no easy solution.

-- It is possible that you are eating too many carbohydrates that are causing insulin imbalances. It is also possible that you're taking in too much fat and salt.

-- It is possible that you need to use your body more. Be more physical and exercise. Don't worry, it's enjoyable to be physically active; you will feel good if you do.

-- It is possible that you are depressed, or emotionally starved, and are eating too much, or eating the wrong foods, in an attempt to compensate for those problems.

Don't fall for the thousands of "weight loss experts." Don't buy or shortchange yourself with another diet book, video, pills or gimmicks or sign up for a weight control program or expensive gym until you have CONSULTED WITH YOUR DOCTOR first.

Put your SPIRITUAL beliefs and RELIGIOUS practices into gear. Pray for help from God, or your Higher Power. Attend a 12-Step meeting or go to church, temple or synagogue.

Talk about your needs with others. Share your pain and life needs. Speak to a therapist, counselor, clergy or pastor. Or share your life with a trusted friend.

Don't worry and eat more to feel better. There is hope. Love will guide you. You are going to be OK.


Dr. Norris J. Chumley was once 400 pounds, lost 150 of them, and has kept them off over 20 years by the grace of God, therapy, eating well and by dancing and moving every day.