The Spookiest Celebrity Haunted Houses

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By Colleen Egan, Architectural Digest.

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Joan Rivers
The late comedienne's lavish triplex penthouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan was said to be haunted by a spirit named Mrs. Spencer, who was J. P. Morgan's niece and the original resident. Rivers said she'd even brought in a voodoo priestess and finally appeased Mrs. Spencer after hanging a portrait of her and leaving flowers for her in the ballroom. Now that Prince Muhammad bin Fahd has purchased the residence for $28 million and reportedly plans to gut the place, maybe Mrs. Spencer will make a reappearance.

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Jayne Mansfield
The bombshell actress's Los Angeles home, dubbed the Pink Palace, was the site of many inexplicable events after her death in 1967, according to Ringo Starr had the home painted white when he moved in, but supposedly the pink shade would always seep through the new coats of paint. Another subsequent owner, singer Engelbert Humperdinck, had met the actress before she died and said that her ghost appeared before him. The house was demolished in 2002.

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Loretta Lynn
The country music legend discussed the supernatural activity at her plantation house in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, on an episode of the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures. She said she has seen the ghost of a woman whose baby died, and her late son once woke up to find the spirit of a Civil War soldier trying to pull off his boots.

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Nicolas Cage
The Lalaurie house, the actor's former home in the French Quarter of New Orleans, gets its spooky reputation from the activities of its former resident, Delphine Macarty Lalaurie, an especially cruel slave owner. Strange events have been reported since then, though Cage told the New York Daily News that he hadn't experienced anything unusual.

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Alyson Hannigan
The actress has said that the Los Angeles home she shares with husband Alexis Denisof has a "very friendly" ghost, reports. "I'd love to get his name. I'm thinking of putting a little chalkboard where I think he lives to see if he will write his name down."

(photo: Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images)

Marilyn Monroe
The legendary star died at her home in L.A.'s Brentwood neighborhood in 1962, and conspiracy theories surround the circumstances of her death. It is said that her ghost haunts the home, according to Variety.

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The singer was supposedly so unnerved by the unexplained noises in her former home, a mansion in West Sussex, England, that she hired a female bodyguard to stay with her, the New York Daily News reports. While taking Anderson Cooper through the home during a 60 Minutes interview, she said, "This bit is quite scary really," as they walked through a dark corridor.

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Lucille Ball
Though the iconic comedienne didn't die in her Los Angeles home, subsequent owners have reported mysterious broken windows, voices heard from the attic, and furniture moving around the house. An unrelated "Scary Lucy" bronze statue inspired a haunted house near her hometown.

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