The Spray That Gets You Instantly Drunk.. For A Few Seconds

For some libation lovers, the worst part about getting tipsy may be the effort it takes to get there. French American scientist David Edwards and designer Philippe Starck are appealing to lazy drinkers everywhere with WAHH Quantum Sensations, a spray claiming it will get you instantaneously drunk for a few seconds, without any lingering effects afterward. You could even pass a breathalyzer after your brief drunken blur, according to Jesus Diaz at Gizmodo.

One spray of the device releases .0075 ml of alcohol -- meaning around 1,000 sprays would equal one drink, which normally contains 40 to 60 ml of alcohol. It’s currently only available in Europe, retailing at around 20 euro for a device delivering 21 shots. Edwards claims that because of the item's special design, the effect is full and immediate.

"The question is how to do good without doing harm,” Starck said at the unveiling in Paris yesterday. “Wahh is an alternative that offers the idea of ​​intoxication without its adverse effects."

Edwards previously created the Whif in 2008, an aerosol the size of a cigar that allowed users to taste the flavors of chocolate, coffee and tea. After that sold 400,000 copies worldwide, he went on to create the Whaf in 2009, an ultrasonic system that creates a cloud of flavor by mixing different liquids.

There is no word on when the device may make its way to America. Until then, impatient drinkers will need to wait.