The Sriracha Spray-Bottle

Amazing Kitchen Hack: The Sriracha Mister


Thai hot sauce, Sriracha (known in some circles as 'Rooster Sauce' because of its iconic logo), is one of our favorite ways to add heat and spice to anything. Traditionally used in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, we love the complex, garlicky flavor it brings to everything from eggs to collard greens.

Sriracha's only problem is that its bottle delivers only big globs of sauce anywhere you put it. Which means you sometimes get a big, face-melting bite among sadly hot-sauce-less bites. We would like to thank Reddit for solving this dilemma once and for all.

Behold, Sprayracha. By attaching a simple spray-bottle cap to your large bottle of Sriracha, you can now easily and evenly mist your plate. Enjoy, and keep your face out of the way!

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