The Steamiest 'Pretty Little Liars' Throwbacks That Fans Just Can't Get Over

Pretty Little Liars returns this week and viewers everywhere are ecstatic to begin what may be the last and final season with the girls! As the season 7 premiere approaches, polling app Wishbone and Freeform teamed together to look back on some iconic moments with the girls of Rosewood - primarily the steamiest of all 6 seasons. Check out these throwbacks to see which ones voters loved most!

Which Throwback Kiss: Ezria or Haleb? 

Since episode one, Aria and Ezra were a match made in heaven even if it had a rocky start. There's no resisting Ezra's baby blue eyes! It was Caleb and Hanna's relationship that was a surprise as their personalities are quite different; Hanna being the outspoken shopaholic and Caleb as the struggling tech wiz. Both couples had some steamy moments but there's one couple's kiss that hit voters in the feels!

Hot for Teacher


No matter what happens in their lives, Ezra and Aria always found their way back to each other. This throwback reminds fans that nothing beats an Ezria kiss. We can only hope that 
 upcoming season bodes well for these two because no one can handle another breakup!

Boy Toy Battle: Ezra vs. Toby?

Ezra and Toby are both all kinds of hot but in very different ways. Ezra is the sexy nerd in a tie that you just want to cuddle. Toby, on the other hand, has a hint of danger about him that makes fans swoon! Between the two, there's one
love interest that has most reaching for a fan to handle all that heat!

Lovin' the Bad Boy


In the beginning of the series, we were skeptical about Toby and his intentions. But as the show explored his character more, we discovered how sweet he is under that bad boy exterior. With that baby face and those abs, there's no way we couldn't fall head over heels!

2nd Throwback Kiss: Toby & Spencer or Emily & Maya? 

Spencer and Toby's relationship had a slow start and then built up to be this intense storyline that had our eyes glued to the screen. And their scenes often lead to some pretty hot make out sessions! Emily and Maya, however, had a sweet connection with emotions often running high. We had high hopes for both couples but one throwback reminds us of the good times!

Spoby Stole Our Heart


The way Spencer and Toby play off each other is amazing as both are determined to uncover the truth behind A's games. This chemistry played in their favor and resulted in some epic kisses that viewers won't be forgetting anytime soon!

Spencer's Fling Matchup: Wren vs. Ian? 

It's surprising that good girl Spencer had such a hot streak of taboo relationships by constantly stealing her sister's love interests. Spencer's scandalous ways are understandable, though, as both men are tempting. Wren was a British cutie with a whole lot of charm while Ian was a hell of a lot more mysterious. Both men are clearly fling-worthy but one in particular makes fans weak in the knees!

Paging Doctor McHottie


Did we mention that he's British? Sorry, Ian, but there's simply no going against that accent!

Battle of the Bods: Toby vs. Jason?

PLL fans would do anything for a moment alone with one of these shirtless babes. Toby only got more sexy as the seasons passed but he's got some heavy competition in Jason. Jason's long locks and dreamy eyes paired with a body like that? One word: whoa. 

The More Mysterious the Better


It's honestly hard to believe that there is a human being that looks that good. As long as Jason graces voters with the pleasure of that bod, they're on his side. 

What We're Dying To Know Going Into Season 7

True Love or Fun & Games Between Ali and Emily?

It's hard to completely trust Ali and her manipulative ways, especially when it comes to Emily's heart. We want to believe their connection is both ways because it seems Emily can't forget Ali anytime soon. But there's still something fishy about her. What did Wishbone voters think?

It's the Real Deal


The majority think there's real potential for a future with Emily and Ali. It all comes down to season 7, and knowing
, it can go either way!

What Will Happen to Hannah?!

Even though season finale cliff hangers are expected, every season fans are still left feeling confused, anxious, and counting the days for the new season! The ending to season 6 was especially hard to watch as Hanna was the latest victim to "Uber A" and the girls only have 24 hours to rescue her. Will the girls make it? Or will the biggest plot twist in 
history happen in season 7?!

Gotta Have Faith


A total of 57% of voters are convinced that Hanna will be saved because just the thought of losing one of their favorite characters is too hard to bear! Keep those fingers crossed!

Ari & Ezra: True Love or Moving On? 

Life keeps getting in the way of Ezria and it's getting harder and harder to see what the future holds for these two. They no longer have the guilt of Aria being Ezra's student on their shoulders but things are never that simple in Rosewood. What do voters think will happen to these on and off love birds?

Don't Mess With Fate


It's obvious that fans want the duo to be end game and won't dare miss an episode to make sure the Ezria relationship goals become official!

Who Owns Emily's Heart? 

Rumor has it that Emily's old flame Paige will be back in Rosewood come season 7. Will she take Emily for herself once and for all? Or will Ali always be the one?

The Heart Wants What it Wants


No matter what you think of Ali, you can't deny that there's something real between her and Emily. All that's left is to watch the relationship fully develop.

Who Will Spencer End Up With? 

Fans were die-hard Spoby fans since the beginning and wouldn't accept either of the two with anyone else. Then, the unthinkable happened in season 6 when Hanna's ex, Caleb, had some incredible chemistry with Spencer. Which couple has the bigger fan base?

Falling for the Couple Switch  


Wow! Voters were pretty split on this one, but Caleb and Spencer won everyone over this last season! They're passionate and work great together to find out the truth. There's no knowing if it'll last since Hanna and Caleb had a romantic moment of their own in the last season but fans are keeping the hope alive! 

The Comebacks: Whose Return Will Wreak More Havoc on PLL?

Both Jenna and Noel have a history of causing problems for the 
squad so their appearance in the new season means things are about to go down. Both can be vicious if they really want to be, but who's the biggest threat?

Don't Need to See to Stir the Pot


>We all know that Jenna being back is not good news for anyone. We don't know what plans she's stirring up but we know that the girls better watch out!

All six seasons of PLL have been action-packed but there's some incredible secrets that are about to be exposed in season 7!  

Stay tuned to season 7 of Pretty Little Liars and make your own comparisons on the Wishbone App!