Here Are The Stories Behind The Tattoos People Got For Their Exes

"Luckily, you can go over mistakes from the past."

Tattoos dedicated to your S.O. are sweet and meaningful -- until you break up. It's not easy to leave the relationship behind you when you have a bold, visual reminder of your ex scrawled across your arm (or other unmentionable places).

In a new BuzzFeed video, people who got tatted for their exes -- or got symbolic tattoos post-split -- share their stories.

One woman says she had her ex-boyfriend's initials tattooed on her wrist in Morse code. After he cheated on her and they split up, she covered the design with a diamond to symbolize the strength it took to leave the relationship.

Another guy covered his tattoo with a full sleeve. Apparently, his fiancé was sick of seeing his ex's name scrawled across his bicep. (Don't blame you, girl.)

"I had to get this cloud concoction thing," the man says of his new design. "Luckily, you can go over mistakes from the past."

Watch the clip above for more post-split tattoos.

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