The Storm Before the Calm - Which Generation Will Hear the Wake-Up Call?

It took a double whammy to wake America up (the Depression followed by World War II). As is said, those who do not understand history are destined to repeat it.
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1929, the Roaring Twenties. It was a time of carefree prosperity and stock market optimism that overtook the thirties. It seemed like everybody was getting rich, only to be followed by the Great Depression. December 7, 1941, the radar station based in Hawaii saw the planes coming. They were not American and were not supposed to be there. Upon reporting the citing to headquarters, they were told, "Don't worry about it." Those planes bombed Pearl Harbor. The isolationist optimism of pre-World War II oblivion, gave way to what has been called the greatest generation of Americans... practicality and sobriety overtook the previous decade of indulgence.

It took a double whammy to wake America up (the Depression followed by World War II). As is said, those who do not understand history are destined to repeat it.

The banking crisis of 2008 may be the first part of an upcoming double whammy. With the arrogance of "don't worry about it", employees of the S.E.C. (Securities and Exchange Commission) booked un-Godly, on-the-job hours, viewing pornography right before that moment of truth. Since then, bank bailouts and printing of money have only made the problem worse. We are now approaching 20 trillion dollars in debt, but if you consider the derivatives gambling casino which Wall Street has become, the number is closer to 200 trillion dollars. For example, for every one ounce of gold sold on the Comex gold exchange, there are over 200 ounces of virtual paper gold held on the market, with no gold to back it up. Many believe the second whammy is coming soon.

Just like in the thirties, we are now in a period of oblivion, characterized by what is called the infantilization of the college students. Opinions contrary to their own are not tolerated. As intolerance grows, freedom of speech, as per the First Amendment, is viewed as the enemy. Their political correctness doctrines have compelled speakers and comedians alike to avoid college campuses. It seems most everything is condemned as racist, sexist, or politically incorrect. While the whole generation is lost to their ivory tower utopian ideals, the real world powder keg may well be about to blow, continuing the cycle of intoxication followed by sobriety.

Of course nobody wants to hear this, and politicians seeking votes are certainly among the last to say it. All other Americans risk scorn and degradation if they utter a word about it, particularly if they have college age children.

Just take a step back and look where our society is. The military has been reduced to a fraction of what it was. Its principles of God, country, honor, dignity, integrity, etc. are mocked more often than praised. Drug abuse is epidemic. The demand for entitlements, for everything from free education to free cell phones, is at an all-time high. Food lines of the Depression era are replaced by food stamps in an attempt to mask the problem.

If history does indeed repeat itself, the next great reckoning is around the corner. But before you think I'm pessimistic, understand that the reckoning will be followed by a new sobering of America... a stable economy, a safe society, and a set of moral values rooted in reality. A great time is coming soon.

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