The Story of Art By Dimitar Solakov (VIDEO)

Bulgarian artist Dimitar Solakov never had a proper academical education on the history of art. One day he decided not to be ashamed of that anymore and to use it as a kind of advantage. He read the popular book The Story of Art by Ernst H. Gombrich, and created one artwork for each chapter of this book. So finally he came up with 28 individual works that span the history of art, from prehistoric cave painting to Marcel Duchamp. The works are currently presented in the project space of the gallery Sariev Contemporary in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In this video, Dimitar Solakov explains the concept behind the show and provides us with a guided tour through the exhibition. The walkthrough starts with a video in which he performs a bison painting in a cave in Bulgaria, and culminates in a box that collects all works in the form of miniature replicas, inspired by Marcel Duchamps famous Box in a Valise (from or by Marcel Duchamp or Rrose Sélavy), 1935-41.

Dimitar Solakov (b. 1987) graduated from the New Bulgarian University in Sofia. His exhibition The Story of Art - A Concise Version was nominated for this year's BAZA Award for Contemporary Art. The exhibition is part of Sariev Gallery's platform for young artists and curators, called "Background: Young Artists".


The Story of Art - A Concise Version, miniature version à la Duchamp.

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