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Telling the Stories of SXSW One Outfit At a Time

Charli XCX told us all about how Baby Spice and Britney Spears has influenced her scrappy mall-goth look.
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This year, our head video editor, Andrea Cruz, and I (Lily Mandelbaum, StyleLikeU co-founder) hopped a plane to Austin and slept at a friend's house in order to talk to some of the most uniquely stylish musicians at this year's South By Southwest.

For our quick, fun, and empowering video series, Dailies, we asked seven of the festival performers to tell us the stories behind their outfits.

Charli XCX told us all about how Baby Spice and Britney Spears has influenced her scrappy mall-goth look.

Cerebral Ballzy's lead singer, Honor Titus, explained his Jewish princess Tiffany bracelets and the reason for the flower tattoos on his palms.

The dreamy, atmospheric singer and Jane Birkin lookalike, Flo Morrissey, took us through her family history as she described her minimal-meets-hippie-meets-bohemian ensemble.

Joon, a hilarious and charming rapper with OverDoz, revealed how he found his true identity with his dreads and tatted-out body.

Meredith Graves, the lead singer of Perfect Pussy, was as energetic in describing her 30-plus tattoos and journey towards loving her body as she was with discussing her band's newfound successes -- just last week, Pitchfork gave their new album, Say Yes to Love, a whopping 8.6.

Funk duo and Janelle Monáe producers, Deep Cotton, told us all about their "boring" style, which did everything but bore us.

Finally, the singer SZA explained how she learned to embrace her freckles and authentic self while wearing Givenchy Birkenstocks and cute-as-can-be overalls.

Hope you loved all of our SXSW Dailies.

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